Henjo Hoeksma
Henjo Hoeksma
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About me

Let me tell you a little more about me.

After finishing high school (middelbare school in dutch) I started a social study for working with groups of people. Kind of an odd choice since my curriculum contained mostly beta courses...

After trying to figure out what I really like to do (which took me a couple of years ;-) ) I decided to learn to build websites while working at an IT service desk.
In the year that followed I learned the basics of html, css, javascript, php and mysql and was hooked to creating websites and web-applications.

Next followed a few years of hobby style building websites while working with young people. I helped them get their life together and be able to succeed in society. Well - at least that was the intention and job description!

After working this way for 7 years, I finally made a full switch and started working at one of the larger TYPO3 companies at that time in the Netherlands. My next step was to start my own business as a freelancer.

I am founder of the company UpAssist where we aim to help out businesses and individuals getting more out of their potential in business and life.

I am married to a beautiful, inspiring and challenging woman, Marianne. Her support and wisdom has been a tremendous blessing in becoming who I am now. Thank you love! We have two great kids and welcomed many young people to be a part of our family over the last 1,5 decade.

I love to go motorcycling, climbing, being with my family – not particularly that order ;-) – and am looking forward to the everyday life.

Thanks for catching up! Let me know if I can be of any help to you!

Henjo Hoeksma