Henjo Hoeksma
Henjo Hoeksma

Investing in myself

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One of the things I am interested in a lot is growth. Growth as a human being, as a person in all the roles I fulfil in my life: father, husband, friend, runner, developer etc. Investing in myself is a requirement for personal growth.

In order to create sustainable growth it is inevitable to spend time thinking about these different aspects of my life and therefor helpful to create a system that helps me to actually do this1.

I don't know about you, but most likely - like every other human being - you are tended to embrace comfort over discomfort and subconsciously avoid doing the hard work of facing yourself.

I made myself a promise to spend one morning per week thinking, reading and focus on growth.

A whole morning... My goodness - what was I thinking?

At first my idea was to spend at least an hour or two doing this kind of internal work. However a client of mine whom I was discussing visions and dreams with, suggested I'd take more time, and not scatter it but compress it into one session. Not sure if she really meant to say it like that, but that's what I took out of the conversation. Basically stating: by going deep over a longer period of time you will be getting further.

It is a momentum thing. Once you have lifted off,  the most effort has been taken - the rest of the journey takes less effort. Once you stop too early, you have to go through the whole effort-full startup phase again and again.

Liken it to the launch of a space shuttle: 80% of the fuel is used to get to lift off, to get actually going. Afterwards the journey to the moon takes only the other 20% of the fuel (don't get me on the exact numbers here - I am probably off by a few percentages here and there - it's about the bigger picture).

I definitely am not there at all. A whole frickin' morning!! I have been postponing it completely for a couple of weeks now... While processing the thoughts about this procrastination I came up with the idea to give myself a practical tool to cling to: write. Writing is challenging, requires you to go deep and focus. One of the places I will be writing is right here at my personal blog.

Let's see where this journey takes me! And if you like what you read - please leave comment!

1) With this `system` I mean a set of habits, hope to write on that soon!