Henjo Hoeksma
Henjo Hoeksma

Writing is hard!

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Currently I have 5 articles in progress. Today I was determined to finish one. After several attempts to finish up one article I gave up and decided to write about exactly this: writing can be hard!

The art of writing

Sometimes when I sit, words just flow out and I can type, rearrange a bit, polish a bit here and there and be done with it.

Sometimes this flow just seems to be completely gone.

I don't know exactly why. Maybe it is the subject that I still think is great, but cannot find the right words for. Or maybe I just can't get the right tone of voice. It can be different reasons and for me it becomes clear: writing is a process more than a task to be finished. Writing is definitely an art.

Completing vs creating

Writing is a creative process. While you can complete a creative work, I also think not being done is part of the creative process: creation always continues and is never done. I think I need to find the first artist who actually truly believes his or her painting, song or poem is really 'done'.

There comes this moment you have to put a stop to it and release it into the wild. Hoping your piece is mature enough to withstand the coming forces from nature. Maybe this is not the best analogy here, but that underlines my point: writing is pretty damn hard!

Why could I not finish the piece I was working on today?

Several reasons popup: 

  • I couldn't find the right tone of voice
  • I actually had no roadmap of what I was trying to outline and give a voice to
  • Maybe it's not internalised enough for me to share with the world...

There could be plenty more, but these jumped out for me.

At the end of the day...

Dedicated to write anyway, this piece is the result of my dedication more than a result of creativity I guess ;-)  

My conclusion is, that writing can be hard. Nevertheless that hard part is something I actually like: it's confrontational and helps me go deep, it's challenging and therefor inviting me to grow!